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WWE Top 10 Superstars Wrestle Of 2017


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2017 has been very interesting for WWE fan. 2017 start with Royal Rumble with the victory of Randy Orton who was not on the list. Wrestle Mania 33 made us all cry because of The Undetaker and also shocked us when Jinder Mahal become WWE Champion. Many new wrestle debut in ring and gave huge impact on fans. The shield also reunited again. There are many controversial match also in 2017. Now Let’s take a look on WWE Top 10 Superstars wrestle of 2017.

10. Charlotte Flair

Queen of Smackdown Live Charlotte Flair prove her self that she has a talent to face all WWE women roster without Mic Flair. Charlotte won Smackdown Women title this year. She has shown what is an exceptional talent she is.

9. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens started the year as Universal Champion and won a great match against Roman at this year Royal Rumble. He lost his title in next early event Fastlane by Goldberg which seen like a joke but his scene with Jericho gave us some of the best T.V moments of the year. This year he also fight with Shame McMahon and luckly win because of his best friend Sami Zayn and later they also win against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura while Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan was the guest referees and save from been fired in Clash Of Champions.

8. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has definitely made a huge impact on WWE in this Year by her talent and ability. She also has established herself as one of hottest female wrestle right now in the company. She won the WWE Raw women Championship. We also see that Alexa is likely going to drop his title to either Paige or Asuka before WrestleMania 34.

7. The Bar

Sheamus & Cesaro were thrown together this year by company. They become one of the finest tag team champion in WWE Raw. We see very exceptional match this year with the The Usos, The Hardy Boys, The Shield. So they get 7 ranked in our list.

6. Samoa Joe

This year NXT success rate has been pretty Shocking. The company called up Samoa Joe this year. Samoa get an excellent debut match. His feud with Brock Lesnar this year was the highlights of the summer. He is an major star in company who can fill the space of Brock Lesnar if Brock decides to leave the WWE after WrestleMaina 34.

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5. Neville

Neville role in this year in WWE ring seen very rough as he done with him in Cruiserwieght. Neville become Cruiserwieght title this year and face many Crusierweight stars and at last he lost the title to Enzo Amore which has been insult for him. Neville deserved much better postion than this.

4. The Usos

The Usos would be one of the best tag team in the WWE in 2017. The Usos has gone from strength to strength since turning heel this year. Their Match with The Bar this year in Survivor Series also proved that they have great chemistry as a team also. The Usos are growing well and we are exciting to see what they have to offer us in 2018.

3. Braun Strowman

Brawn Strowman definitely is one of the powerful and strongest wrestle of WWE. The monster improved himself this year. He has had some absolutely incredible match & moments in 2017. Braun face Brock Lesnar this summer but unlucky loss. He also has feud with Roman Reigns. Big Show vs Braun Strowman match was one of the best moment in 2017 when ring was goes down.

2. Roman Reigns

The big dog of the company deserve second in the list. Roman has put on great matches this year and also involved in some excellent story lines and continuing to grow by improving him more and more. Matches with Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and specially one the biggest match of WWE history Roman Vs Cena was one of the great matches of this year. This year he also defeated The Undertaker in WrestleMania 33 and he is now having really good run as the Intercontinental Champion.

1. Aj Styles

We know that Aj is not strong enough for the first but still he able to get first in this list because of his classic match against John Cena this year which proved that he has ability to do something in this company. The Phenomenon One also fight with Shane Mcmahon and Kevin Owens which are also very good matches. He also fight with Brock Lensar this year in Survivor Series. AJ Styles beat Jinder Mahal in Smackdown Live and won the WWE champion title and also become third one who got this title in Smackdown in WWE history after Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon.

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